An analysis of the problem of gun violence in the schools of the united states

These owners possessed approximately million firearms, of which an estimated 65 million were handguns. Witnessing shootings — whether in their schools, their communities or their homes— can have a devastating impact.

What is the Real Problem with Gun Violence in America?

Yes, we have a black president. Over five years of tracking, this data has shown us that gunfire on school grounds takes many forms and mirrors the problem of gun violence in America. It is also easier to blow yourself up in your garage bomb lab than it is to shoot yourself.

There are significant disparities in the results across polls by different organizations, calling into question their reliability. Graph illustrates how the U. And once again, the national debate begins. Defensive gun use The effectiveness and safety of guns used for personal defense is debated.

The researchers also found that compared to people in the other high-income nations, Americans are seven times more likely to die from violence and six times more likely to be accidentally killed with a gun.

It has become akin to a political battle drill: And 92 percent of young people between ages 15 and 24 killed by guns were in the United States, the study found. When it comes to how American children are exposed to gun violencegunfire at schools is just the tip of the iceberg—every year, over 2, children and teens are shot and killed and nearly 14, more are shot and injured.

How long must we suffer? The answer is not to dismiss those with differing viewpoints out of hand as racists, idiots, low information voters, gun nuts, hippies, race-baiters, or liberal hippies, although those labels might fit certain people.

Would this solve the problem? Sadly, though, it usually does look more like a debate and less like a conversation. Black and Hispanic people have made incredible strides forward in America. These are complex issues that require complex solutions.

I just want to acknowledge that the gun is a lethal weapon and part of the problem with mass murders in America.

Of these, million were handguns, million were rifles, and 86 million were shotguns. Gunfire on school grounds disproportionately affects students of color— occurring most often at schools with a high proportion of minority students. Everytown tracks every time a firearm discharges a live round inside or into a school building or on or onto a school campus or grounds, as documented by the press.

The answer is not to ignore studies, evidence, or information that does not support your point of view. As a husband and father who has armed his wife for her protection and taught his sons and daughters how to shoot and safely handle firearms.

Today in America, we need more conversation and less debate. It is something that we need to address somehow.

Gun violence in the United States

An armed citizen could have stopped this!Section I: Gun Violence in the United States The Nature of the Problem and Current Trends In (the most recent year for which data are available), 34, people died from gunfire in the United States. The US doesn’t just have a mass shooting problem – it has an enormous, multifaceted gun violence problem Mass shootings are a growing and alarming phenomenon in the US.

How U.S. gun deaths compare to other countries

By a purely numerical count, the United States. 2) The problem is guns, not mental illness. Supporters of gun rights look at America’s high levels of gun violence and argue that guns are not the problem.

They point to other issues, from violence in video games and movies to the supposed breakdown of the traditional family. Most recently, they’ve blamed mental health issues for mass shootings.

America's gun problem is so much bigger than mass shootings

Everytown for Gun Safety started tracking incidents of gunfire on school grounds in to gain a better understanding of how often children and teens are affected by gun violence at their schools and colleges, and in response. Feb 20,  · Can High School Students Make a Real Impact on the Problem of Gun Violence in the United States?

of Stoneman Douglas High School and other schools may play in ending gun violence in schools.

Jun 28,  · In the United States, people who want to kill a lot of other people most often do it with guns.

Analysis Analysis Gun Violence Archive.

An analysis of the problem of gun violence in the schools of the united states
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