An essay on a misunderstanding

Bowland describes how subtle racial or gender bias can lead to misunderstandings. Actually, it usually does just the opposite. Life at home was difficult without her. The first is active listening. Much needs to be done to get the right and the left talking at all. We deeply regret wrongly accusing her to this day.

Communication is already likely to be strained, and people will often want to hide the truth to some extent. Our expectations work as blinders or filters that distort what we see so that it fits our preconceived images of the world.

Mother could not live with the suspicion of having a thief under the same roof so she dismissed Marie promptly. Marie sat in a corner and wept quietly before packing her bags to leave. Current Implications This article talks about misunderstandings between different cultures If the employee has a health problem that sometimes requires long breaks, the comment might have even been a friendly inquiry about what was happening and whether the employee needed any help.

In addition to how the message is sent, many additional factors determine how the receiver interprets the message. It requires background knowledge and understanding contextin addition to the words themselves, for communication.

We were disappointed in her for her dishonesty. The goal of active listening, they say, is to understand your opponent as well as you understand yourself. Engaging in deep conversations through problem-solving workshops or dialogues can also reduce misunderstanding by improving relationshipsby providing more context to communication, and by breaking down stereotypes that contribute to negative characterizations or worldviews.

It does not indicate that you agree with what they said, nor do you have to. We had jumped to our own conclusions and made a hasty and unfair judgment of her. Avoid being distracted by others, or by other things going on in the same room.

Misunderstanding Essays

Common differences are between high-context and low-context communication. But Mother had to do most of it and that made her grumpy since she was used to having a full-time maid.

While everyone uses both kinds of communication, Western cultures tend to use low-context communication more often, while Eastern and Latin American and African cultures tend to use high-context communication.

Pay close attention to what the other side is saying. This is often referred to as using " I-statements " or "I-messages," rather than "you-messages. Write a story of at least words about a misunderstanding between someone else and yourself, which you deeply regretted.


Given our tendency to hear what we expect to hear, it is very easy for people in conflict to misunderstand each other. Is her facial expression friendly or accusatory? All of these factors influence how the same words will be received.

When we talk to our family members who have different belief systems, for example, take care to use good conflict communication skills see particularly the articles on empathic listening and I-messages among others, instead of escalatory communication. If it confirms what we already know, we will likely receive the new information accurately, though we may pay little attention to it.

Moreover, I had to help with the household chores. Theft was a serious offence so she was sent back home in Philippines already. This makes it easier for the other side to help solve the problem, without having to admit they were wrong.

Roger Fisher and William Ury list four skills that can improve communication in conflict situations. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. For example, if two people are involved in an escalated conflict, and they each assume that the other is going to be aggressive and hostile, then any ambiguous message will be interpreted as aggressive and hostile, even if it was not intended to be that way at all.Misunderstanding Life essaysThere were three words that changed my intellectual life and the way I had perceived things.

Think about it! Those were the words that were said to. Communication is already likely to be strained, and people will often want to hide the truth to some extent. Thus the potential for misperception and misunderstanding is high, which can make conflict management or resolution more difficult.

How to Avoid Misunderstanding. In conflict situations, avoiding misunderstanding takes a lot of effort. We all have experiences a misunderstanding with someone in life. It is not easy but things can be clear if you talk about it.

I had a misunderstanding with my parents once. It wasn’t something big, but it did. It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Essay on Misunderstandings of Money Money; There are huge varieties of thoughts and ideas of what comes to mind when thinking of money.

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An essay on a misunderstanding
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