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Fidelity is superb, as is range, and the general quality is excellent.

The Tree of Life (Criterion)

Special Features and Technical Specs: In the end we get an entertaining and informative set of supplements. With a whip-smart script by Wilder and I. Detail can be strong at moments but there are a lot of times where it looks like the film, either intentionally or accidentally, can just look a little out-of-focus, and this could all come from film stock as well.

The big difference that you will notice though is the new color grading throughout the film.

Criterion Announces March Blu-ray Titles

Extended Version HD, Mins. They include interviews with Jessica Chastain, the visual effects, music, and cinematography of the film.

Oozing with brutish charisma, Rainer Werner Fassbinder embodies the eponymous anarchist poet, who feels himself cast out from bourgeois society and sets off on a schnapps-soaked rampage.

I found the journey down memory lane littered throughout fascinating and enjoyable. An insert then features a short essay by Girish Shambu, calling the film an artistic breakthrough for the director, and comparing it to some of the other French youth films of the time.

The classical score kicks into high gear at certain moments that just captivates the scenery. Join our movie community to find out I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the forum rules.

There are no pops, cracks, hiss, or shrills, either. Visual Effects HD, 23 Mins. One big scene is when a tornado tears through Waco and the aftermath. Also featured are interviews with the cinematographer, camera operators, editors, and production designers.

Overall, outside of some source related shortcomings, this presentation goes well and beyond what it needs to and delivers a striking looking image. There is also a collection of video essays as well. Cinematography HD, 17 Mins.

Criterion Announces November Titles

Both the theatrical and extended versions look excellent with their new color grades, making this the ultimate Blu-ray set to watch. What is included in the extra 50 minutes of footage? Both are in okay condition, not great, while the audio for the first film is a bit rough.

According to the Criterion booklet, the Extended version audio track used the same audio files from the theatrical version and remained untouched except where new transitions were needed. These two technologies essentially provided the same service but were not compatible at all. Before the movie starts, a title card pops up and tells you to turn up your volume loud as this is the best way to experience the movie, and it does this for good reason.

Kids screaming as they play through the streets also sound phenomenal and nuanced. One of a string of late-career masterworks made by Kenji Mizoguchi in the early s, A Story from Chikamatsu a. This is set in two parts, both of which are about 12 minutes long each. The Magnificent Ambersons Synopsis: Coupling earthy sensuality with kaleidoscopically stylized images, Russell pursues this quartet to the heights of agony and ecstasy, crafting a breathtaking drama of human sexuality at its most liberating, dominating, and destructive extremes.

Every tiny sound can be heard with full dynamic range and clarity. In this case, money was talking loud and clear. The extended version, which is 50 minutes longer is worth the extra hour of your time, and all of the new extras are fantastic as well.

No filmmaker captures the grandeur and energy of New York like Martin Scorsese. The Crucified Lovers is an exquisitely moving tale of forbidden love struggling to survive in the face of persecution. Clarity is also pretty strong, details popping nicely at times, but there are moments that can look a bit fuzzy but it appears that has more to do with the original shooting conditions.

Criterion Booklet - There is a big page booklet with cast and crew info, tech specs, and essays on the film by Kent Jones and Roger Ebert.

September 11, Review Date: After witnessing a mob hit, Chicago musicians Joe and Jerry Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, in landmark performances skip town by donning drag and joining an all-female band en route to Miami.Lastly on the Blu-ray is a 7-minute illustrated audio interview with actor Irene Dunne conducted by scholar James Harvey.

The package has a liner notes booklet with an essay by film critic Molly Haskell. Sep 23,  · An essay by critic Rebecca Bengal; Smithereens Blu-ray. Reviewed by: Chris Galloway Directed By: Susan Seidelman All Blu-ray screen captures come from the source disc and have been shrunk from x to x and slightly compressed to conserve space.

The Battle Of Blu-Ray versus HD-DVD Formats Essay. The Battle of Formats There are two new formats of DVD's coming out one is Blu-ray and one is HD-DVD, will this become the battle of VHS vs. BetaMax and which will be in your home. deep red: original version (blu-ray disc 1) Brand new restoration from a 4K scan of the original negative Audio commentary by filmmaker and Argento expert Thomas Rostock/5().

NOTE: These Blu-ray captures were taken directly from the Blu-ray disc. The Criterion Blu-ray is described as a " New 4K digital restoration, approved by cinematographer Adam Holender ".

The new HD image is significantly sharper than MGM'sRegion. Children of Paradise [Blu-ray] Blu-ray.

8 offers from $ La Grande Illusion [Blu-ray] Jean Gabin. out of 5 stars Blu-ray. PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by film scholar Dudley Andrew and excerpts from a interview with director Marcel Carné /5().

Blu ray essay
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