Continuing healthcare case studies

We can assist at every stage of the process. She remarked on the adversarial nature of the assessment and the way in which the NHS Assessor had come prepared to decline her mothers funding from the outset. This clear lack of communication was unsatisfactory and so a request was made for a further date, to allow all those involved to attend.

The NHS will try and put you off and it can be a bureaucratic process but you must remember you are entitled to this refund because mistakes were made.

Her condition became unmanageable for the staff at Freestones residential home in Irthlingborough, and she was moved to psychiatric hospital. The sad thing is there are hundreds of other families out there who are unaware that they should have received funding too.

Unfortunately, however, Mrs Seddon passed away in February and so we then proceeded with the case with a view to claim back previously incurred care costs. The patient was discharged to a nursing home with the full care cost being met via continuing healthcare funding.

The second stage would now be the full multidisciplinary team MDT assessment.

Case studies – NHS Continuing Healthcare

Again, despite the fact Maria had been adjudged to have severe needs two categories, the appeal panel still refused to provide full funding.

We received a call from the hospital and dashed back to be with her. Around three weeks later, a full assessment was completed. Here are some of their stories: Farley Dwek guided us through the process and arranged for one of their experienced nurses to attend Continuing healthcare case studies assessment meeting with the local NHS assessment panel.

When applying for or challenging a decision on NHS continuing healthcare it is often best to put your case in writing and keep all correspondence. They then completed a DST with our advocate in attendance and we were able to secure full funding. To add insult to injury, my father, who received a substantial company pension, had to use that as payment.

He had slipped and hurt himself quite badly. This decision was reviewed after 3 months, again with our advocate in attendance, we were able to ensure the funding would be in place for a further 12 months.

Whilst in hospital, the patient was advised they were not well enough to return to their own home and required nursing care but, due to owning their own home, they would have to meet the cost of care themselves.

It was at this point that the family contacted Compass CHC who instigated an appeal of this assessment. This information may be useful, for example, when preparing for an appeal panel against a decision to refuse NHS continuing healthcare.Case Study: NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding Summary.

How Cate Searle, a specialist community care law solicitor, secured fully funded NHS continuing healthcare for our clients mother, leading to savings of up to £40, a year. The situation. Betty was in hospital following a stroke that left her with a number of disabling conditions.

Case Studies. A number of our clients have been good enough to allow us to share their stories in the media, to help raise awareness of the Care Funding issues, so that more people can understand their rights to Care Funding. Case studies related to improving health care.

Tips on preparing your case for NHS continuing healthcare

Thirty-six-year-old John may not fit the stereotype of a homeless person. Our dental case studies have been provided to offer you insights into the complex issues involved in patient care and are ideal for use in the classroom.

Case Studies

How we've helped. Examples of our recent successes CASE 1. Overview: The patient, who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia, had a number of severe health issues and required constant supervision during waking hours.

Continuing Healthcare Case Studies show that the Care System can be challenged successfully, with Full Care Fees being paid. Read here for further details.

Continuing healthcare case studies
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