Evaluating compensation strategies essay

A skilled-based pay structure would be less beneficial because it makes it difficult to do market comparisons, and it would also require the company to keep track of all the skills that every employee has.

Additional benefits include a paid time-off PTO program and an employment discount program that includes discounts on computer purchases, cell phone purchases, and banking services. Paid time off includes vacation, holiday pay, and sick time.

Employees would have the opportunity to budget themselves or at least have a decent time predicting what type of income they can expect since it will always be the same without much changing from year to year. Employees that are hourly employees get paid based on a rate multiplied by the number of hours that they work.

It is important for Clayton to offer a competitive compensation and benefits strategy comparable to other companies in its industry. Open-ended questions encourage the exploration of thoughts and feelings by leaving individuals free to answer in any way they choose.

You attract a different level of employee with this approach. In contrast, a salary compensated employee gets paid the same salary, a fixed amount of money and is not impacted by the amount of hours an employee works.

Why would an employee want to do that? Rewarding performance will motivate employees to continue their good performance or adjust bad performance. If an employee is compensated by a salary, employees are compensated differently from those that may have an hourly compensation rate.

Looking at average construction salaries compared to other states, www. They could take away that what they are doing today is enough and not strive to help the company with increase sales or various other goals. These types of documents include things like the dollar amount to be paid or the percentage of increase based on years of service.

This compensation differs from both hourly paid employees or performance-based paid employees. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Some of these benefits have a waiting period prior to eligibility, and there is also a hour a week minimum requirement to be eligible for most benefits www. Performance Pay and Merit Increases: Understanding that each client is different from each other, focusing on each client while actively listen, not judging and knowing that the client is there for help is a way to adapt your communication between clients and or patients.

Law Related to Benefits and Pay Program: Also, benefits should only be offered to employees who work an average of 35 hours per week. Employees can get an annual bonuses based on their employment anniversary date or monthly bonus amounts added to their take-home pay that would reflect their length of service.

Clayton is in the construction industry so we feel that the most beneficial compensation structure would be a performance-based pay structure. There are no real surprises or swings in the amount of money an employee receives. Additionally, voluntary employee paid benefits like long-term care, flexible spending accounts, auto and home insurance, should be offered to help employees manage their daily lives more efficiently, thus becoming more productive employees.

They are expected to complete their work regardless of the amount of time it takes them. Total Compensation and Benefits Strategy: In researching this approach, many companies offer many different types of strategy around this.

Evaluating Compensation Strategies Essay

Hire Writer When you hear the person, understand the situation and the feelings, then you are in a position to take constructive action or to reply to her or him in a way that makes sense.

Finally we take a look at Mortensen Construction, which provides some of the same benefits as the other two companies mentioned above; however, they also reward performance with competitive cash compensation and provide the opportunity for work and life balance.Compensation And Benefits Strategies Recommendations Essay Sample.

Market Evaluation: When constructing a benefits and compensation strategy, it is important to understand what companies in comparable markets are providing to their employees.

Free Essays on Evaluate The Compensation Strategies For Executives Of Each Compan for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Evaluating a Hiring and Variable Pay Plan Include a brief summary of the situation. Effective Management Solutions (EMS) a small management consulting company divided into four areas: management systems, business process improvement, human resources, and quality improvement that are rapidly growing.

Reward and Compensation Strategies. This essay endeavours to understand the best compensation and benefits strategies that high performing organisations in the high technology industry have undertaken.

Summary and Analysis of literature. Within this business report, I have analyzed three different employee compensation strategies that I feel could be well executed within our organization. Compensation and Benefits Strategy Landslide Limousine (LL), a small business in Austin, Texas, hired Atwood and Allen Consulting (AAC) to conduct a market evaluation and provide recommendations for the following: a position in the market, a compensation structure, a total compensation and benefits strategy, and performance incentives.

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Evaluating compensation strategies essay
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