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These jobs were then grouped into 5 distinct levels: Many of the jobs have common skills and are not very diversified in terms of duties, working conditions, and responsibilities therefore making a single structure a suitable fit under a job based evaluation using the point Fastcat evaluation.

Both are fundamental job requirements, strongly support the strategic direction, are emphasized in the mission statement and highly valued by our customers. In a single plan all jobs Fastcat evaluation evaluated at the same time and under the same requirements. It has traditionally enabled FastCat to offer custom solutions to its customers thereby creating a niche market.

This new plan comprises four key compensable factors: The process used to design a successful plan for Fast cat started with aligning the organizational objectives with a compensation strategy. Employees need to view the compensation as fair in order to be motivated to translate their performance into positive outcomes.

The final outcome of the compensation plan is a job- based structure using key elements of both job value and job content to determine compensable factors, weights, and degrees for the point method of evaluation.

FastCat Evaluation Essay

Fast cats success depends on maintaining a single plan to encourage internal alignment and employee satisfaction with the evaluation process. Innovation and creativity is a source of pride for all FastCat employees.

Fast cat is an innovative company that relies on critical thinkers, analytical personal, problem solvers, and are successful based on the overall organizational commitment of their employees. The flatter organization is to encourage an innovating mentality across the whole organization.

Traditionally, FastCat has always valued the skills and knowledge of its workforce, compensating its employees almost solely on knowledge, problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills, analytical decision making and people and operational management.

The fact that the system is difficult to imitate establishes competitive advantage. As a consequence of these changes, the war for top talent will escalate as new entrants emerge and the big players begin to diversify their customer base and invade what has formally been considered a niche customer market for FastCat.

The table below summarizes the weightings and levels applied for each factor and sub-factor. Together, the four factors are further segmented into thirteen associated sub-factors See Appendix A: However, skilled talent has become table stakes across the industry and no longer is sufficient to set FastCat apart from its competition.

This ensures fairness while maintaining individual creativity and innovation. This recommendation is based on sound compensation, job evaluation and organizational design principles. Embracing a less hierarchical Fastcat evaluation values the differences in individual employee skills, responsibilities, and contributions to FastCat.

Each layer of the organization is compensated accordingly by observing the required knowledge and skills an employee is expected to possess. Internal alignment defines the relationships between the jobs within FastCat. Recommend Internal Structure When designing and developing a compensation system, in order to ensure success the compensation plan must align with company objectives.

A consistent point structure has been allocated to each degree which aligns to a description of the required characteristics of the job. The values ranged from Without innovation, FastCat revenue stream will continue to erode. Cultural change will not occur without this alignment.FastCat FINAL PRESENTATION 1.

FastCat Compensation System Jared Simmons Cody Watson Abdulaziz Alquwaiz EVALUATION Consistent with Fastcat’s strategy and objectives Jobs that require more education and experience are at the top of the structure Values jobs that require creativity and innovation above those that are clearly support.

Page 35 of 79 Recommend an Implementation Plan The FastCat evaluation plan has been designed to support all organization strategies and goals by the process of the compensation plan for each job family. Fast Cat Sol Phase 1. fastcat.

FastCat Phase 1. S12 Final Report - Sample. This manual effectively describes job evaluation 70% of employees felt the strong sense of commitment.

business and nature of work. Also. or the strategy changes. Documents Similar To FastCat's Compensation Report. Group 6 WDA Phase (I). Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation (APFC) was founded to provide a vital maritime link between the Philippines’ 7, islands.

Since its incorporation init has become a trusted shipping company that owns and operates the Philippines’ first and only catamaran Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) ferries. FastCat is a provider of Software solutions to small and medium scale healthcare providers.

Presently they are facing tough competition from the bigger players who have started venturing into the small and medium scale markets. FastCat needs to structure its organization so as to take over the.

Archipelago Philippine Ferries Corporation 6th Floor Unioil Center Bldg., Commerce Avenue corner Acacia Avenue Madrigal Business Park.

Fastcat evaluation
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