Outline of a jury of her peers

The women speculate about the fate of the bird that once filled the cage. The men return for another look at the bedroom. The quilt is seen as a womanly pastime, which the men see as ridiculous in the face of the more important, male-dominated legal investigation.

Minnie Wright said she did not wake up, although she slept next to him, when this murder occurred. The dead bird, the women realize, was killed in a parallel way to John Wright: The small group arrives at a neighboring farmhouse and enters the kitchen.

Peters says that the men are just doing their duty in coming into the space and searching for evidence.

The physical differences between Mr. It contains the wrapped body of a dead bird. When she is again alone with Mrs. Peters and the country attorney George Henderson. Minnie Wright revealed that John was home, but that Mr. They are particularly looking for any evidence that would point to a motive for the crime.

Hale wonders if the women would know a clue if they found one.

A Jury of Her Peers

Wright killed her husband. Hale then removes the bad stiches and sews tidy ones.

A Jury of Her Peers Summary

Peters says that she has heard the men discussing the importance of finding evidence related to the motive for such a strange and brutal act.

The first few sentences of the short story establish important setting and context details: When the three men leave for the barn, the women discover more clues. A telephone is associated with communication and staying in touch.

Once the whole group is safely inside the house, Mr.Plot and Structure Exposition: The story begins in the kitchen of Mrs.

A Jury of Her Peers Critical Essays

Hale and then moves to the Wright house--the house of the suspected murder. At the house, the men in the story are investigating the murder while the two women stand to the side by the door and wait as the men talk and investigate.

Most critics agree that Susan Glaspell’s “A Jury of Her Peers” is, by far, her best short story. First published in Everyweek on March 5,the work is a faithful adaptation of her play Trifles, produced the year before by the Provincetown Players.

Cook had decided to stage two one-act plays for the company. A Jury of Her Peers The story begins with Martha Hale ’s hasty departure from her farmhouse kitchen.

She looks around, hating to leave her workspace in disarray, but her husband impatiently tells her to hurry. In Susan Glaspell's "A Jury of Her Peers" Minnie Wright sits in prison, accused of her husband's murder, while the sheriff, county attorney, and their witness- Mr.

/5(7). Feminist Analysis of Susan Glaspell's "A Jury of her Peers" Reading.

Reading and Asking Questions. Inventing. Discovery Draft. Where I was initially focused on how the women understood eachother through their common house work, my discovery draft ended up focusing more on the aspect of men and women's understanding of justice.

A Jury of Her Peers, by Susan Glaspell Essay - Glaspell spent more than forty years working as a journalist, fiction writer, playwright and promoter of various artistic. She is a woman who lived in a male dominated society. She is the author of a short story titled A Jury of Her Peers.

Outline of a jury of her peers
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