Secondary research methodology

It is true that secondary research is important and time-saving but primary research may bring about a fresh perspective, updated and latest results and offers a better take at the market. Which method s best suit the questions and time you have available to do this study?

While primary data is need-specific and quality is also up to the mark, but it is expensive and consumes more time.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Research

One of the main ways used to conduct primary market research is through focus groups. Primary Research is based on raw data, whereas secondary research is based on analysed and interpreted information.

Secondary Research

Is objectivity in the media possible? Will my research be inductive or deductive? Will you conduct telephone interviews? Asking consumers to respond to a survey questionnaire without giving them any incentive can be a big mistake.

External sources are those sources that present data that is collected by other businesses or people. Balance sheets — Previous balance sheets of the business can be referred to in order to find stats and figures that may prove useful for evaluation.

There are some advantages of doing secondary analysis, particularly if you are doing a quantitative study. Participant observation This involves studying people in naturally occurring settings. Quantitative market research is a kind of market research work that is based on hard facts and statistical data rather than the feelings and opinions of the customers or consumers.

Secondary Research is one that involves the use of information obtained originally by primary research. You might choose to conduct a review of a field of work. Often in early supervision meetings they ask students to justify their reasons for choosing a library-based or an empirical study.

How you propose to examine the topic: Encouraging communication — Market research helps you to find out the best way to communicate with your customers. And, as they say, incomplete information is dangerous. You will triangulate methods — i. It is important that students do not expose themselves or others to dangers or risks when conducting research.

Qualitative data is particularly useful when you wish to find out why people engage in such behaviour. There are two major observation techniques or research methods used in primary market research, and they are observation through interaction and communication with the subject and observation through no interaction and communication with the subject.

Research Methods tutors on your course will be able to advise on the availability and accessibility of such data sets. Structured observation Watching people and recording systematically their behaviour. Profit and loss statements — Profit and loss statements can be consulted to find out what kinds of products and services resulted in profits previously.

The data are often collected through a random sample, which allows you to generalise to the population under consideration. Businesses often make the mistake of spending so much time on primary research that they forget that using secondary sources for data could also prove useful and a lot more time-saving.

What factors may limit the scope of your research?

Guide to undergraduate dissertations in the social sciences

Also, sometimes data that are collected through qualitative processes participant observation, interviews are coded and quantified.

You have to find out something about that purpose, as well as the methods of collection, in order to justify your use of a secondary dataset. It is easier to find problems and then work on them if one has research results in hand. Will you send out survey forms and hope that people return them?

For any piece of research you conduct, be it empirically based quantitative or qualitative or library based, its methods must be justified.Secondary Research: Free and public information All publicly traded companies have to register with their SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission).

As such, you can find their filings and other information, both on the majority of IPO websites, as well as on the SEC site. Qualitative research or qualitative market research is a kind of a research method which mainly takes into account the opinions and feelings of a customer as. Secondary research or desk research is a research method that involves using already existing data.

Existing data is summarized and collated to increase the overall effectiveness of research. Existing data is summarized and collated to increase the overall effectiveness of research. Also, the research firm would use statistical models to come up with a sample group that is representative of your target audiences, making it very relevant to your business needs.

Secondary research

Primary research provides two basic forms, exploratory and specific. On the contrary, Secondary research is a research method which involves the use of data, already collected through primary research.

The main difference between primary and secondary research lies in the fact that whether the research is conducted previously or not. that secondary data analysis is a viable method to utilize in the process of inquiry when a systematic procedure is followed and presents an illustrative research application utilizing secondary data analysis in library and information science research.

Secondary research methodology
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