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There are migratory birds which fly from one country to another over the hills, lakes and oceans during some particular season. The eaglets, when hatched, are covered with grayish-white downy and will need to be fed by their parents until they become six eight weeks old. The owls can see even in darkness.

Short Essay on “If I were a Bird”

They are of different sizes too. Birds are of different color too. Earlier inthe specie was officially listed as an endangered species in most of the lower parts of the country because of continuing decline for several decades because of the loss of habitat, prey and the then widespread use of the pesticide DDT.

Even the smallest eagles, such as the booted eagle Aquila pennatawhich is comparable in size to a common buzzard Buteo buteo or red-tailed hawk B. This family would keep me closed in a cage lest I fly off. The harpy eaglesnamed after the foul, malign creatures part woman and part bird of Greek mythologyare large, powerful, crested eagles of the tropical forest s of South America and the South Pacific.

Birds English Essay- Short Essay On Birds For Kids

For example, many forest-dwelling eagles, including the very large harpy eaglehave relatively short wingspans, a feature necessary for being able to maneuver in quick, short bursts through densely forested habitats. Birds help us to get rid of the insects. Harpy eagle Harpia harpyja.

Like all birds of prey, eagles have very large, hooked beaks for ripping flesh from their prey, strong, muscular legs, and powerful talons. The white-bellied sea eagle H. Among the eagles are some of the largest birds of prey: Birds eat fruits, grains, worms, insects etc.

Maturity, Mating and Nesting At juvenile age, the American bald eagle is a mix of brown and white feathers. They could be measured variously in total length, body mass, or wingspan. It is large and strong enough to kill jackals and small antelopes, but its usual food is chickenlike birds and hyrax es.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: How to Write a Summary of an Article? The owls can see even in darkness. My ambition as a bird would be able to fly high as high can be, like any other bird.

The young mature slowly, reaching adult plumage in the third or fourth year. The largest species are discussed below.

Short Essay on Birds

Asian species include the gray-headed, or greater, fishing eagle Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus and the lesser fishing eagle I. The bats are actually mammals and not birds, although they resemble birds.

Once I would get the training to speak, I would be able to chat with each of the family members and guests. The sea eagles sometimes called fish, or fishing, eagles, Haliaeetus species are very large eagles that live along rivers, big lakes, and tidewater throughout the world except South America.

If I were to be a bird, I would like my life to be a beautiful blend of freedom of flying in the high skies and the love and care given by man. Retrieved March 5,from Encyclop? On the other hand, the lark and the cuckoo, with their plain and sober outer appearance, have a marvelous gilt of song.

I see advantages in both and find it difficult to make a choice. The two together would give me as if, the best of both the worlds, of birds and humans. Here, at home, I would be served food in a platter, water in a dish in a right royal style.The short story and the film have the same plots and the same conflict of man vs.

man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, and man vs. the supernatural. More about The Birds Essay. The Golden Bird: A Story Rewrite Words | 4 Pages; Extinct Species: Dodo Bird Words | 12 Pages; The White Bird by John Berger Words | 8 Pages.

The eagle is a bird-of-prey. It has a strong beak and sharp talons. It also has a pair of strong wings for flying. free english essays,essay worksheets Subscribe To.

Posts Comments Essay topics () June () Essay worksheet 3; Essay worksheet 2. Essay on Eagle in Hindi - बाज़ एक बहुत तेज़ शिकारी है जो पल भर में ही आकाश की गहरी उचाई से शिकार करता है। बाज आकाश में बहुत उंचा उड़ता है और यह तकरीवन आकाश में फीट की. Essay on My School for Kids My Class Teacher Essay In English For School Students My Study Room Short Essay 15 Point Essay on My School For Grade Class 1 | Creative Essay15 Point Essay on My School For Grade Class 1 My School Essay In Hindi Class 3 Keywords: my school bucks, at PM.

Short Essay on Birds. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On January 4, By Kiran. Short Essay on My Favourite Bird (Peacock) Essay on Peacock (National Bird of India) Short Paragraph on Indian Peacock (Indian National Bird) Why Peacock is our National Bird?

Birds English Essay- Short Essay On Birds For Kids Subject Write an English essay on Birds in your words Complexity Medium Grade/Class 1st to 5rd standard Number of words words Age group 5 – 10 years Birds are some of the most amazing animals on earth. Birds have wings and feathers.

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Short essay on eagle bird
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