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The fact that the episode is recorded in the Bible does not mean that it is approved.

A Critical Look at Situation Ethics

Moreoveranother feature of SE is unique situations. The fact is, the disciples had violated only the uninspired traditions Situation ethics essay the Jewish elders; they had not transgressed the law of Moses see Edersheim This incident contains not a vestige of support for situation ethics.

This concept affirms that there is an absolute, objective standard of right and wrong grounded in the holy nature of God himselfand this code of moral conduct is set forth in the Bible—reaching its zenith in the New Testament.

Religious Situationism Theological situationism has been popularly argued by Joseph Fletcher. It is hard to isolate situation and also predicts the consequence.

A legalist is someone who follows the law, whatever happens and in every context. Another son became a drunkard and was killed in an automobile accident Situation ethics essay also claimed the lives of a mother and her two children.

Another principle is love is the only means which means that as the theory is telelogical and if love is the outcome the end justify the means e. Situation ethics is a popular belief in a world bent on departure from God.

Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no theological or ideological sanction It teaches that ethical decisions should follow flexible guidelines rather than absolute rules, and be taken on a case by case basis. Agape love—For Situationist Christians this is the unconditional, non-reciprocal love that governs their moral decisions.

Fletcher quoted a St Louis cab driver who said "sometimes you gotta put principles to one side and do what is right" this shows that it was a running trend on breaking the rules in order to get the best outcome of a situation.

Some, like Fletcher, would argue that what he did might well have been a noble deed, for the man acted out of concern for his friend.

On the other hand, my disciples have violated only your human traditions, and yet you charge them with sin. Fletcher studied unsolvable cases and applied fixed rules to them. If love is the only rule then there is a huge loss in protection.

There are atheistic situationists—those who totally reject the Scriptures as having any bearing on morality. Antinomianism—The way of making moral decisions in which any governing rules or laws are non-existent; anarchic. Moral judgments are decisions, not conclusions Decisions ought to be made situationally, not prescriptively We should seek the well-being of people, rather than love principles.

A young woman, jilted by her lover, is in a state of great depression. If society had no rules then there would be chaos e. For example, lying is ordinarily not in the best interest of interpersonal communication and social integrity, but is justifiable nevertheless in certain situations.

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There are no rules—absolutely none—for human conduct; according to this ideology, every person is a law unto himself. Antinomianism maintains that there should be no rules, laws, or codes of conduct whatsoever.

Fletcher linked these cases and based the, on the most loving thing to do. Situation ethics removes God from the throne as the moral sovereign of the universe, and substitutes man in his place.Free situation ethics papers, essays, and research papers.

Oct 14,  · Situation ethics teaches that ethical decisions should follow flexible guidelines rather than absolute rules, and be taken on a case by case basis.

This first essay is clearly expressed and, at first, gets the main points about situation ethics mostly correct. It is to be credited for showing knowledge of various thinkers sympathetic to situation ethics.3/5.

Free Essay: Situation Ethics An Anglican theologian Joseph Fletcher developed situation Ethics. Legalism is the idea that there are fixed moral laws which.

Outline the key features of SE Situation ethics is a teleological, relative ethical theory which is based on love. The theory uses motive and states that a. Situation Ethics Essay Sample. A summary of the moral decision making theory of Situation Ethics: Situation Ethics can be described as a ‘theory of love,’ for it holds that, in a moral dilemma, the course of action that is morally right is the one which is the most love-filled.

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