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Mateo is up to bat again the next inning; he has one strike. With singles all around, and a few exceptional hits by players like Alex who hit a triple, and Douglas who hit a homerun everyone who was watching this game knew it was one for the record books.

Their batting was outstanding, hitting almost every pitch that came at them. While waiting to hit, the kids have to wait in a line patiently.

Both teams had many hits and runs, making it a very exciting game to watch.

Summer Institute Sports Writing & Digital Media: SHC Hall of Fame Baseball Academy

When sports writing academy game came to an end, both teams won in their own way, the Red Sports writing academy won on the scoreboard and the Indians won by showing good teamwork. After another inning the Braves were still up by 1, and the Marlins could not come up with another. Afternoon scrimmages begin and the boys are split up into three groups by age: Then at noon, the campers went to the Dinning Hall for lunch.

The Marlins were up to bat and they did an outstanding job. After lunch, the students went to Lang Field and the practice field to watch live games being played.

One of the older groups consists of a game up between the Braves and the Marlins. After the teams switch sides, Stylish Jackie is now coming in as pitcher with Rues, who pitches the ball to Kevin, a rising 4th grader. The Indians were coached by Anthony.

Each team is coached by a high school student. Mateo made is first out on the field, playing first base. Kevin is out; great job Jackie. On the very next pitch, he hits the ball hard and makes it to first base. After the second inning, the Braves lead by only 1 run after being up by 5 at the beginning of the inning.

After this magnificent comeback I had to go, leaving me on a cliffhanger not knowing the final score. The next inning, he is on deck, ready to take his turn at bat.

First they went to the batting cages and took short video clips of the batters taking batting practice from a pitching machine and from coaches. The Marlins battled the Braves at Lang and after just one inning the Braves led In the oldest group, the Marlins were playing the Braves and scored a monstrous 15 runs in the first two innings!

The Indians were battling the Red Sox. His team cheers for him as they all run to him and hug him and scream "yea!

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After the first inning the score was but thing got much more exciting in the second innin. Three outs and it is time to switch sides again. Mateo is up at bat, hits the ball, runs to first and gets out. The youngest kids were playing at the practice is a reputable company offering a wide range of academic services worldwide.

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How To Write A Sports Report In 4 Steps by Freelance Writing News writing style is just as important for sports reporting as it is for general news, business stories or.

The Sports Writing and Digital Media class went out to the practice field on Tuesday, July 10,and watched the SHC Hall of Fame Baseball Academy. “There are about kids in the camp,” said Coach James Pickerrell ‘

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