The rise of the nice ceo

If so, do you think companies should screen out those who score low on agreeableness? No different individual possess same talents, abilities, intelligences, strengths, weaknesses, and even experiences. Basically because not all people are a like to each other. Therefore entrepreneurs score lower because they work as an individual, independently.

Then managers have higher score because of the fact that they have to get along with their subordinates in order to come up with good ideas and to be more efficient as a group not as individuals. The work place will be filled with positive vibes whereas employees will actually enjoy and be motivated to work.

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Furthermore, for jobs that involves high discipline like people in the military or in the police force. However if people treats you nice then it will be impossible that you will act hostile, so you will act like them.

I think it would be comfortable working in this kind of company with this kind of culture. Workers are motivated to be nice at their work to attract more customers. Also it would be a good place to work because of the environment that will be implemented in there.

Unlike managers who interact, communicate who lead group of employees to strategize and monitor them while they are doing their tasks. However, to those people who are working in service sectors, public relation, tourism, customer service or anything that involves hospitality, being nice is very important in order for the company to be more productive.

Therefore, employees show a higher efficiency when they are working with a leader who is more considerate and easy- going and they enjoy the positive environment of gentleness. One might be weaker in this aspect but when it comes to other things he or she appears stronger compare to other.

Earlier we discussed the fact that entrepreneurs score significantly lower than managers on agreeableness.

The Rise of the Nice CEO?

Then people who will be hired in that company will be less to yell or be yelled. They need to be more disciplined and authoritarian and more demanding to the public. They ordinarily own small businesses and actually they are the investors of these businesses.Aug 01,  · Best Answer: Nice guys finish last, so there is no such thing as a nice CEO, if there is, the business is not Resolved.

Case Incident 1 THE RISE OF THE NICE CEO? If asked to describe the traits of an effective CEO, most people would probably use adjectives such as driven, competitive, and tough.

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Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - Nice CEOs will receive positive responses from the employees since they are always considering the employees' side of situation and speak behalf of them. Employees are more willing to follow the orders of CEOs when the CEOs are taking that minor step of being more.

The rise of the concept of nice CEO is need of today s workplace where employees are concerned about self esteem, and want organizations to care about themselves.

The rise of the nice ceo
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