Wool projects

Matching the colors in the images you are framing is a wonderful idea. Catnip bunnies This pattern by Selina Kyle over on Ravelry for catnip bunnies is just adorable! You can get very colorful with these balloons and come up with lots of cute and eye-catching combinations.

Follow the link to the Retrobaby blog to see the before and after images for this wall clock. It is hard to get any more adorable than this sweet little gecko bookmark!

Heart shapes Wool projects just one idea though. You can bet that these would be a big hit at a party. Then again, they are just so cute you may want to keep them all for yourself.

Find the free pattern over at Lion Brand Yarns.

Still, if you are looking for more guidance, you can check out this YouTube video, which will teach you how to make a more orderly, basic version of the Wool projects spider web. The idea is incredibly simple.

This is an amazing gift idea for a technology lover; just adjust your pattern to match the right model of smartphone or tablet. The technique is quite simple, and this would make a great project even for a beginner. You could literally create any shape you wanted, however complex or simple.

One pattern which would be great for using up your yarn scraps is this adorable hot air balloon project! The tutorial is really brief and this is a simple design that even a beginner could tackle. Bookworm bookmarks, beautiful crochet patterns with ribbons, and other exciting yarn bookmark projects await you.

This is a wonderful alternative! DIY Instructions and Project Credit — michaels Crochet beautiful flowers This idea comes from a blog from the Netherlands which is in Dutch, but the author has included instructions in both Dutch and English for these adorable yarn flowers!

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Now you have no excuse to throw away your leftover bits of yarn, but no excuse to let them pile up in your craft room and make a mess either! All of them are giftable. This is a very cool design, would be easy even for a beginner, and can add a splash of much-needed brightness and warmth to an otherwise colorless wall.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit — ing-things Gecko bookmark Love the bookmark idea, but looking for something fancier and maybe cuter too? Crochet a picture frame I just love these adorable picture frames!

50 Cute Projects to Make from Leftover Yarn – They Make Excellent Gifts, Too!

The knitted gecko would make a great gift for a child, or a fun project to do with your kids. Tired of carrying your water bottle around in your hand or in your pack? They are absolutely beautiful, and there are so many ways you could use them. Search and you will find dozens of free patterns similar to our gecko friend.

And if you need to organize all your adornments, try implementing one of these clever jewelry storage ideas. I really like the one in the lower right. You could also use them for so many other things though!

They have a very nice effect hanging from the shelf. Once again, the instructions are available in both Dutch and English.

Felting Projects

This is a project that definitely benefits from a lot of different types of yarn. These necklaces look great at any length, and like the bracelet which is looped several times, the necklaces can also be looped as many times as you want for a different look and feel.

They can brighten up any object and add a burst of color and pizzazz. Even a child who has no idea how to knit or crochet could do this project with your leftover yarn!

Flatter shapes like these are probably the easiest to hold together with the glue, and simple shapes are easiest to convey, but you could go totally abstract with this project and come up with some really quirky designs. They have practically unlimited uses.

I could easily fill this whole list with nothing but yarn bookmark ideas! Some of them are useful, while others are more whimsical.DIY 32 Awesome No-Knit DIY Yarn Projects. If you can cut and glue you can make fun and unexpected decor, accessories, and more.

easy fabric flowers - great for headbands, bows, wreaths, etc. Find this Pin and more on WOOL AND WOOL FELT PROJECTS by Susan Markle Krentler. felt flowers (or you could probably use other materials) - great for headbands, bows, wreaths, etc.

Call for proposals for /20 funding - Applications closed at 12pm, Friday 30th November AWI invited individuals, companies and organisations to submit project applications that address AWI strategic priorities and programs.

16 Ideas/Projects per page Use the Navigational buttons. Now you have no excuse to throw away your leftover bits of yarn, but no excuse to let them pile up in your craft room and make a mess either! Felted wool is easy to handle, doesn’t fray, and is quite forgiving. Browse our collection of free sewing patterns that use felted wool, then start stitching!

Wool can be transformed into felt using the techniques of needle felting and wet felting. Here are over 20 ways to turn an old sweater into unique keepsakes, gifts, and toys.

Wool projects
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